Meet Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0: polished interface and improved functionality!

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25 May 2016, 10:38 | 0 comments

Share COM port over Ethernet

Serial to Ethernet Connector just upgraded to version 7.0! We’ve put a lot of effort and creativity in this new release to present you with the best results. Newly polished and improved Serial to Ethernet Connector allows sharing and accessing COM ports over the network with ease. No matter how far from you a shared COM port device is, even if across the ocean, you can use it as if it is directly attached to your computer.

The most notable change in Serial to Ethernet Connector is its interface. The new look makes the app even more comprehensive and friendly to its users. Modern light design and visually comprehensive processes are the main attractions of the new version.
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New USB Network Gate released with OS X El Capitan support!

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12 Apr 2016, 10:21 | 0 comments

USB Network Gate with OS X 10.11
Eltima Software never stops! Even when we create a really successful product that doesn’t mean it won’t evolve. USB Network Gate is such product! USB Network Gate for Mac has just been updated to its latest version that supports OS X El Capitan!

USB Network Gate 4.0 is an excellent USB sharing software. You can share devices over network – Internet/LAN/WAN. With USB Network Gate you can work with USB devices connected to remote computers no matter how far they are. Working with those devices feels no different from working with locally connected USB devices.

Here’s what’s new in USB Network Gate 4.0:

  1. A completely new driver offering OS X 10.11 support;
  2. Third-party libraries were updated to their latest versions for exceptional stability;
  3. Improved sharing of keyboard and devices that take a long time to start;
  4. Fixed problems with updating the firmware on an iPad shared on Windows;
  5. Improved interface.

If you are currently using USB Network Gate 3.x or earlier, you can upgrade to version 4.0 with a 50% discount. And if you purchased version 3.0 within one month before new release or hold a Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee you can upgrade for free!
There is also USB Network Gate for Windows that can be found here, and the information about the Linux version release is here.

Feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions.

Learn more about USB Network Gate Mac

Download USB Network Gate 4.0

We have just released Elmedia Player 6.5 with AirPlay support!

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05 Apr 2016, 10:00 | 0 comments

Our popular Elmedia Player just got a nice update – version 6.5 that adds AirPlay support to PRO version of the app. Now you can stream music and videos from any AirPlay device (Mac, iOS, Android devices) to Elmedia Player or you can go the other direction by streaming content from a Mac with Elmedia installed to another Mac with Elmedia or any other AirPlay app. Multiple handy options for excellent video files playback were added to new version of Elmedia Player too.

And not the we need to remind you, but don’t forget that Elmedia Player is pretty versatile supporting multiple formats including MP4, MOV, DAT, MP3, MKV, etc. and generally can play pretty much any file you throw in it.

Take a look at what we added:
Added: AirPlay support (content streaming to and from compatible devices) – PRO version;
Added: chapters support for MKV files;
Added: the ability to automatically switch to fullscreen mode on playback start;
Added: the ability to automatically close Elmedia at the end of playback;
Added: the ability to move forward frame by frame in a video that is currently paused;
Added: the ability to bookmark the current position in a video for quick access;
Added: screenshots can now be saved in JPG format – PRO version;
Added: screenshots can be captured at a predefined time interval (from 0.05s to 3500s) and frame by frame – PRO version;
Added: new localization: Dutch (Netherlands).

This update is absolutely free for all Elmedia Player PRO 6 users. If you own previous versions of Elmedia Player PRO, you can upgrade with 50% discount – just contact us.

Download Elmedia Player 6.5

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New Commander One released today!

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04 Apr 2016, 15:17 | 26 comments

file-managerHi all!

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of Commander One, our dual-pane file manager for Mac. New upgrade features support for Dropbox Business, Microsoft OneDrive and WebDAV protocol, alongside with FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox support in new handy Connections Manager; the ability to work with .ipa, .apk, .jar, .ear and .war archives and many other awesome features.

The FTP manager performance is significantly improved, it is now able to resume downloads as well as reconnect on error. Amazon S3 connection also received several improvements and stabilizations.

Upgrade now and check out the benefits of the latest version for yourself.

What’s new:
Added: a new Connections manager;
Added: Dropbox Business and Microsoft OneDrive support (in PRO Pack);
Added: support for the WebDAV protocol (in PRO Pack);
Added: the ability to work with .ipa, .apk, .jar, .ear and .war archives;
Added: icons and previews for files on Google Drive;
Added: search in the built-in viewer (in text and binary modes);
Added: in the full display mode, the ability to hide and reorder columns and to enable alternate background color;
Added: OS X services support;
Added: a hotkey for showing the favorites list: Command+Control+F;
Added: the ability to disable certain hotkeys in Preferences;
Added: support for Amazon S3 buckets in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region (in PRO Pack);
Added: Russian localization.

Improved: the FTP client has better performance and is now able to resume downloads and reconnect on error (in PRO Pack);
Improved: better performance when working with a large number of files on Amazon S3 (in PRO Pack);
Improved: files uploaded to Amazon S3 are now automatically assigned the proper MIME type (in PRO Pack);

Fixed: an incorrect Keychain entry being used for FTP and Amazon S3 connections;
Fixed: Finder’s window popping up on mounting a network share;
Fixed: incorrect display of file names in certain encodings when working with .zip archives;
Fixed: crashes on copying/moving of files and mounting/unmounting of disks;
Fixed: issues with folders merging when moving files to a different disk;
Fixed: lots of other minor fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).

Learn more about Mac and Android sync

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21 Mar 2016, 10:18 | 0 comments

All of you probably know SyncMate – a powerful sync tool by our team. To make SyncMate usage even more convenient and understandable we’ve added How To pages, that describe each sync process in detail.

For now we’ve added articles about Android sync only, but How To’s for other devices, are on the way.

So, here is how you…:

Briefly about SyncMate

SyncMate is a sync tool for OS X that allows syncing data on Mac with numerous devices: Android and iOS phones and tablets, other Mac computers, online accounts (Google, Dropbox, iCloud), mounted and MTP devices, Windows Services (Outlook, Office 365 home and Business accounts).

SyncMate has Free edition so all of you are welcome to download and test it.

Download SyncMate Free edition

Learn more about SyncMate

FlexiHub 2.5 with El Capitan support is here!

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16 Mar 2016, 10:14 | 0 comments

FlexiHub 2.5 - OS X 10.11

FlexiHub is a unique software solution for sharing USB ports over network. Doesn’t matter what devices are attached to those ports – modems, barcode scanners, terminals, etc. – you can access and work with them as if they were connected to your local machine. FlexiHub is an all-in-one solution, so you won’t need any other software or hardware.

Now that FlexiHub supports El Capitan it will satisfy all your requirements. All you need to do is install the application on participating computers.

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Uplet – share the whole story

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09 Mar 2016, 18:54 | 0 comments


We are thrilled to introduce our newest app to you. Uplet is an easy-to-use bulk Instagram uploader for Mac. It enables you to upload and post any number of photos to your Instagram account in one go, in their original quality and size. It does not matter what device was used for taking photos.

uplet icon

The way it works is really easy: choose pictures you would like to upload, drag-and-drop them into the application window, edit, if required, and post all of them in a single click. You can choose whether to crop images square or retain their original dimensions, set captions with hashtags and emoticons and keep the high quality of the photo.

The software is available for download in Mac App Store, give it a try!

Please note, that Uplet is not affiliated to Instagram, so you will need an Instagram account to use the application. And also, keep in mind that not all your followers will appreciate being bombarded by dozens of your photos, so don’t get carried away!

For more information refer to our web-site and pages on social networks – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.

Folx was named No. 1 of torrent clients for Mac!

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27 Jan 2016, 10:26 | 0 comments

Folx Download ManagerThe source listed their rating of the best torrent clients for Mac based on their testing. Have a look at the best of the best list:


Folx is very easy to use with the most optimal features. With Folx you can do whatever you need to without being overwhelmed with unnecessary stuff. You can create and download torrents, schedule your downloads and prioritize them, set up the limits for download and upload speed. No worries, Folx supports various options, it can download via magnet links and search through multiple torrent trackers at a time without even leaving the app in PRO version. It is really easy to manage your downloaded content with Folx by assigning tags to files according to a criteria set by you. PRO version also supports automatic adding of downloaded music and videos to iTunes playlists in accordance with assigned tags.

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Meet new USB Network Gate for Linux!

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18 Jan 2016, 08:28 | 0 comments

UNG Linux 3.6

Eltima Software is happy to announce USB Network Gate update! USB Network Gate helps you share and access any USB device over Internet or LAN. In version 3.6 we added some new features and improved already existing ones.

So here is what’s new in USB Network Gate 3.6 for Linux:

First of all new features:

  1. both eveusbsh and eveusbc utilities are now included in the OEM evaluation kit;
  2. FreeRDP plugins are now available for FreeRDP 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 and come with a dedicated installation package for each version. They also support traffic compression and encryption.

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Our Plans for Typeeto

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13 Jan 2016, 11:48 | 0 comments


Here we are – to share our latest plans for Typeeto with you.

First, you would most probably know that due to Sony proprietary system limitations there are issues with SonyPlaystation 3 & 4 support. None of us, third party developers, have managed to figure out a way to go about it yet. We have been working on resolving the issue and this remains our top priority for the near future.

Second, since the latest upgrade, as you might have already noticed, iOS does not allow using CMD + Space keyboard to change an input language. Fn key is to be pressed instead; this brings up the language menu. However the key has its own functionality, and intercepting it seems to be not a very straightforward matter. So, language switching in iOS 9 is another issue we will address in our next release.

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