macOS Sierra – a disaster or a savior for software developers?

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CloudMounter Dropbox client

While macOS 10.12 release is knocking on the doors, many users have already had a chance to install it on their Macs and evaluate all the benefits of the newest upgrade. However, not all developer companies are catching up. In the days when operating systems become more and more closed, it is risky to develop own system components which might beсome disabled with the release of the newer system version.

For example, ExpanDrive that is using custom system components for disk mounting, still struggles to fully optimize the product for the newest macOS version. To run properly, it requires additional system commands to be executed via command line, each time you reboot your Mac. On the other hand, our CloudMounter is using native OS X’s file handling capabilities, as well as FUSE for OS X and stays flexible and adaptive to OS upgrades.

To stay on board you always need to adapt your products to the ecosystem they belong to. Use as much system components as it is allowed to, and make your software as native to the system as possible. We are thrilled about other innovations new OS upgrade brings and we are ready to conquer them all.

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The MacOS Sierra Compatibility List
A review for Mac OS X 10.12

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The upcoming version of Mac system software has a name macOS Sierra, and is versioned as Mac OS X 10.12. It is going to be available as a free download for all compatible Mac computers this coming fall.


So first things first, which Macs will be compatible with macOS Sierra? What hardware will run the new operating system and let you use all those features like Siri, Continuity Clipboard, etc.? No doubt that newer Macs will easily support the new system, but older machines are getting excluded, especially those made before 2009.

Here you have a comparison chart for the compatibility of Macs with El Capitan and with Sierra. Information is from official Apple website.


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Airy 3.0 – new version of a YouTube Downloader for Mac

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03 Aug 2016, 09:26 | 4 comments

A new version of the top YouTube downloading solution for Mac has been released – say hi to Airy 3.0!
To download YouTube videos with Airy users have to simply copy and paste the YouTube link into the app and start the download.

And it is not just plain downloading from YouTube – Airy 3.0 supports YouTube playlists with the possibility to download each item in the possible quality and supports channels with Full HD and 8K Ultra HD.

Airy 3

This new update brings even more handy features to the neat and simple app. Let’s talk about them.

  • You can log in to your YouTube account and download age-restricted and protected videos.
  • Download complete playlists or select the best available quality for each item in playlist.
  • Support for YouTube channels.
  • Event notifications (via Notification Center).
  • Airy allows downloading videos in a variety of formats (MP4, FLV, 3GP) and in different resolutions. Paused or interrupted downloads can be resumed by the app and one can set up event notifications.

Look through the detailed What’s New here.

Try Airy for free!

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Please note that all users who have purchased previous version of Airy after July 3, 2016 will get Airy 3.0 activation code for FREE!
Other registered users of Airy can upgrade with 50% discount.

SyncMate Summer Sale

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Hi everyone, this is a quick note to inform you that we are currently selling SyncMate Expert with 25% discount.

SyncMate Expert is a powerful tool that allows syncing data on Mac with numerous devices and online accounts.

You can sync Mac with Android and iOS devices, other Mac computers, online accounts (iCloud, Dropbox, Google), any mounted and MTP devices. Syncing with Windows services is also supported – Office 365 Home and Business accounts, Outlook, OneDrive.

SyncMate allows syncing contacts and calendars, media files (music, videos, playlists, images), folders with files, bookmarks, etc.

With SyncMate you can mount devices as Mac disks, manage mobile’s SMS on Mac, and lots more.

The full list of supported devices along with sync options for each device can be found here.

Don’t waste your time and grab SyncMate Expert right now!

More about SyncMate

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Welcome SyncMate 6.5 with iOS 10 support!

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SyncMate 6.5 now supports iOS 10 We are glad to inform you about the release of SyncMate 6.5 – an updated version of our sync tool for Mac.

This release brings you iOS 10 support, so if you are already using iOS 10 Beta (available for download at Apple Beta Softwareyou can benefit from syncing your iPhone with Mac using SyncMate 6.5.

We’ve also added several fixes and improved overall app stability.

This update is absolutely free for all SyncMate 6.x users. Those of you, who are still using previous versions of SyncMate, can upgrade with 50% discount.


Download SyncMate Free edition

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CloudMounter – the ultimate cloud services manager!

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Mount cloud drive

Hi all!

We are happy to introduce our newest product to you . CloudMounter is an easy and reliable client for popular cloud services, i.e. it allows mounting them as local disks on your Mac. Alongside OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox support, this system utility allows connecting to FTP, SFTP, FTPS and WebDAV servers, like to any network share.

The app’s interface is really intuitive, it looks basically like a connection manager for all cloud services and web servers access them through Finder along with local and other mounted disks.
All the login details are securely kept in Mac OS Keychain and sent directly to the server through the encrypted channels.

There is a trial version for you to check out the benefits of all-in-one cloud manager for yourself!


Why Mac users love Folx 5 download manager (And you should, Too!)

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folxicon_512Folx is leading the way for Apple Macintosh computer users with a versatile download manager that combines all the functions a heavy downloader would want. This is according to a review recently conducted by after testing Folx for over two months. This didn’t come as a surprise owing to the fact that Folx was named No. 1 of torrent clients for Mac by early this year. The latest Folx 5 took both the capability and user experience to the next level thereby making Folx the ultimate download manager. The review by Aptgadget focused on the features, pricing, and support policy for Folx 5. Let me walk you through the review point by point.

The review highlighted the fact that Folx is two software programs in one, that is Folx is a bit Torrent client and at the same time a download manager. This is unlike the other download managers. In Eltima’s tradition of improving it’s software’s user experience, Folx was given a new Mac style user interface making it much easier to use. Did I mention Folx’s ability to split downloads into threads? It was also mentioned in the review and this feature makes Folx download files faster than other download managers. With Folx, you don’t need to worry about interruption while downloading large files because of the Resume feature of Folx. Other features mentioned include the ability to tag files for better sorting and download management, scheduling downloads, smart speed adjustment, and bandwidth allocation among different file operations. Nonetheless, most of these nice features are available only in the Pro version.

About the price of Folx Pro, Aptgadget considers the price $19.95 reasonable for a quality download manager like Folx. They also mentioned the Lifetime upgrade guarantee offer for Folx Pro users but gave a sketchy explanation of its benefits. The Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee is a one-time payment of $9,95, which guarantees that you get any future update of Folx free of any additional charges. Isn’t that cost effective in the long run? I bet it is.

Support Policy
Talking about Folx support, the review rightly quoted that customer ticket can be opened by sending a quick email to Folx support specialists. However, it failed also to mention the live chat support on Folx official web page. The live chat support team answers any quick and simple question about Folx and as well provide product review in real time during our business hours. It accurately cited that support via email might take between 8-16 business hours but went further to say that generally speaking for Folx, you will likely never need support.

In conclusion, the review called Folx a perfect tool for those who download massive amounts of data from various sources.

Learn more about Folx

Download Folx

New Folx 5.0 is here! Lots of exciting features and redesigned interface!

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27 May 2016, 10:14 | 0 comments

Most of the updates are in PRO version, so if you own one, read carefully. If you don’t own PRO version – get one ;).

We added password manager to Folx PRO with the ability to automatically save and fill in the passwords on websites you are downloading from. Free version of Folx allows saving login data for two first websites, PRO version is unlimited.

Smart Speed feature now can follow the schedule you set up in Folx and will limit the upload/download speed according to it.

Folx torrent client got some updates too. Folx PRO can sort and filter torrent search results to narrow them and make finding torrents even easier. Now you can set Folx as a default torrent client for files and magnet links and there are some new preferences for torrent files.

Read detailed What’s New here.

New version is available for download here.

This update is free for those Folx PRO users who bought it within a month before release or own lifetime upgrades. It is 50% OFF for all Folx PRO users. You can get your Folx PRO here.

Learn more about Folx

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Meet Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0: polished interface and improved functionality!

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Share COM port over Ethernet

Serial to Ethernet Connector just upgraded to version 7.0! We’ve put a lot of effort and creativity in this new release to present you with the best results. Newly polished and improved Serial to Ethernet Connector allows sharing and accessing COM ports over the network with ease. No matter how far from you a shared COM port device is, even if across the ocean, you can use it as if it is directly attached to your computer.

The most notable change in Serial to Ethernet Connector is its interface. The new look makes the app even more comprehensive and friendly to its users. Modern light design and visually comprehensive processes are the main attractions of the new version.
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New USB Network Gate released with OS X El Capitan support!

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USB Network Gate with OS X 10.11
Eltima Software never stops! Even when we create a really successful product that doesn’t mean it won’t evolve. USB Network Gate is such product! USB Network Gate for Mac has just been updated to its latest version that supports OS X El Capitan!

USB Network Gate 4.0 is an excellent USB sharing software. You can share devices over network – Internet/LAN/WAN. With USB Network Gate you can work with USB devices connected to remote computers no matter how far they are. Working with those devices feels no different from working with locally connected USB devices.

Here’s what’s new in USB Network Gate 4.0:

  1. A completely new driver offering OS X 10.11 support;
  2. Third-party libraries were updated to their latest versions for exceptional stability;
  3. Improved sharing of keyboard and devices that take a long time to start;
  4. Fixed problems with updating the firmware on an iPad shared on Windows;
  5. Improved interface.

If you are currently using USB Network Gate 3.x or earlier, you can upgrade to version 4.0 with a 50% discount. And if you purchased version 3.0 within one month before new release or hold a Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee you can upgrade for free!
There is also USB Network Gate for Windows that can be found here, and the information about the Linux version release is here.

Feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions.

Learn more about USB Network Gate Mac

Download USB Network Gate 4.0