The new USB Analyzer 3.0 is here!

Posted by Alex Taylor on April 21st, 2015

USB_icon_transp At Eltima Software we are dedicated to providing simple and efficient solutions to our users. And today we are proud to announce the new version of our easy-to-use USB data monitoring tool for Windows – USB Analyzer 3.0!

USB Analyzer can intercept, display, record and analyze incoming or outgoing data between any USB device plugged in your computer and apps. You can also create multiple sessions, monitor multiple devices and don’t forget USB Analyzer automatically detects newly connected devices.


In the recent update, we’ve added lots of great and useful features like:

  • support for USB root hubs;
  • exporting logs in .json format;
  • possibility to view device info;
  • new time format settings: difference with the previous IRP and duration of IRP processing;
  • possibility to replace old items in buffer in order to continue monitoring;
  • possibility to stop monitoring upon specified data reception;
  • Start/Stop log entries to visualize the total monitoring time;
  • possibility to jump to a specific line number using Ctrl + G hotkey…

… and there’s more improvements and fixes!

Read about USB Analyzer 3.0

Download USB Analyzer 3.0

If you purchased USB Analyzer 2.x after March 21, 2015, you’re receiving USB Analyzer 3 activation code for absolutely FREE!

Users of the previous versions get 50% discount to upgrade.

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Airy 2.0 for all YouTube lovers around the World!

Posted by Alex Taylor on March 5th, 2015

128 We’d like to introduce the new version of our very popular app for Mac – Airy!
Airy 2.0 will not only download any video from YouTube right to your Mac but will also handle the entire YouTube playlists in different formats and much more!

The recent update brings some awesome new features to simple and handy Airy, just have a look!


  • download YouTube playlist with video conversion into different formats, including MP3 if you don’t need the video itself;
  • suspend and resume downloads in a click;
  • metadata fetch for MP3 files (such as the title and cover art).

We would like to remind you, that Airy allows downloading MP4, WebM, FLV, 3GP file types in up to 4K Ultra HD resolution and extracting MP3 with bit rate up to 256 kbit/s.

Do not hesitate to try it!

Try Airy for Free

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Please note, that all users who have purchased Airy after January 18, 2015 are receiving Airy 2.0 activation code for absolutely FREE!
Other registered users of Airy can upgrade with 50% discount.

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Regain full control over the video playback with Elmedia Player!

Posted by Alex Taylor on February 17th, 2015



We all enjoy watching HD videos without stuttering and chopping. For even better playback experience, Eltima Software presents the new version of Elmedia Player and you should definitely check it out!

Elmedia Player is an intuitive, multifunctional media player for Mac. It is equipped with a built-in browser and supports numerous popular video and audio formats. Elmedia Player also allows you to browse, watch and even download (in PRO version) videos swimmingly.

This time we’ve added a number of exclusive movie controls, so, let’s get a closer look:

  • 10-band audio equalizer to control your audio;
  • video tuner to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, reduce noise, etc.;
  • video aspect ratio change to fit the image into the screen;
  • flip images vertically, mirror, rotate videos by 90/180 degrees, clockwise/ counterclockwise, and revert to original.


And don’t forget about PRO version with lots of great features like downloading videos directly to the hard drive, making screenshots, saving Flash Projector format as SWF file and many others.

Complete list of improvements and fixes can be found here.

Try Elmedia Player

Learn more about Elmedia Player

This update is FREE for all Elmedia Player 5 PRO users.
Users of the previous versions get 50% discount to upgrade.

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Welcome New Advanced Serial Port Monitor 6!

Posted by Alex Taylor on February 10th, 2015

spm_big (1)This week we have some great news! Serial Port Monitor is turning into its version 6.x with lots of onward improvements.

Serial Port Monitor is a professional and powerful system utility for RS232/422/485 COM ports monitoring. You can monitor, display, log and analyze all serial port activity in a system using this single program. It is also effective to track down problems that may occur during development process, test and optimize different serial devices, etc.

Check out the features of new Serial Port Monitor 6:

  • add several ports for monitoring in one session;
  • save layout of all views’ windows;
  • skip capture of Device Control events to avoid high memory usage;
  • substantially decreased nonpaged memory load to avoid system hanging…

… and there’s more improvements!


Serial Port Monitor also preserves settings at new session creation and offers advanced filtering and search. It is equipped with professional built-in terminal and data exporting options.
All these awesome features make Serial Port Monitor a complete software kit, so you don’t need any extra hardware to use it.

Download Free Demo

Learn more

If you are a registered user of one of the previous versions of Serial Port Monitor you can get the upgrade with 50% discount – request it here.
If you own Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee or have purchased Serial Port Monitor within Grace period (i.e. January 10 , 2015 – February 10, 2015) upgrade for FREE.

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The awesome Folx 4 is here!

Posted by Alex Taylor on January 21st, 2015


We, at Eltima, highly appreciate all the feedbacks from our users and go out of our way to deliver you the products that meet all your needs. And today we are happy to announce the release of the new Folx 4 our popular downloader for Mac.

So, let’s discover what’s new in Folx 4!

First of all, we’ve added magnet links support for our torrent client. You no longer need to download .torrent files and do some extra work for deleting them later.

And the second great thing about the new Folx is downloading from YouTube available in PRO version. All your favourite videos can be stored at you computer, and you don’t need to worry about their removal or internet connection.

Let’s not forget, that Folx provides a lot of great features like splitting downloads in 2 threads, automatic resumption of interrupted downloads and smart tagging system.

Folx PRO, in its turn, offers the advanced options – impressively faster downloading due to splitting into up to 10 threads, speed control, scheduling of downloads, iTunes integration and even torrent search.

Just a kind reminder that you can always upgrade from FREE to PRO!


Download Folx 4 Learn about Folx 4

Note: all of you who have purchased Folx 3 after December 21, 2014 are receiving Folx 4 activation code for absolutely FREE! We will send you the activation code to the email address you provided when acquiring Folx 3 PRO.

Other registered users of Folx 3 PRO can upgrade with 50% discount.

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Elmedia Player hits Top 5 in Mac App Store!

Posted by Alex Taylor on January 19th, 2015


We’ve got some awesome news to share with you!

Elmedia Player is now available on the Mac App Store. And it beats the odds, reaching the Top-5 in the Video Category!

We are proud to inform you that Elmedia Player is now rated #2 in Top 100 free video apps on the Mac App Store(US) and is Top rated in a number of local Mac App Stores. Congrats to our team and Elmedia users all over the world!

For those who unfamiliar with this awesome app – Elmedia Player is a great multi-format media player, equipped with browser for comfortable watching of streaming videos and a full pack of built-in codecs.

Let’s see what you get with Elmedia Player:

  • Watch online videos directly from the app window;
  • Use ‘Open URL’ feature to watch online videos without intrusive ads;
  • Playback video full-screen;
  • Pin the video on top of all other running apps;
  • Create & manage playlists and edit subtitles;


And there are also some PRO features, available via in-app purchase.
Let’s see:

  • Download videos from web;
  • Download various media files (music, pictures, etc.) from the pages you are browsing in Elmedia;
  • Make snapshots of your favorite moments with ease;

Get Elmedia Player from the Mac App Store absolutely for FREE.

Download Elmedia Player!

Elmedia Player is available exclusively through the App Store worldwide in the Video category.

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Don’t miss a thing from your iCloud Drive with Unclouder!

Posted by Alex Taylor on December 24th, 2014

We’d like to introduce new and very handy app for Mac – Unclouder! It is an awesome tiny tool that allows you to back up your iCloud Drive locally.

iCloud stores your data such as documents, photos and music on remote servers for downloading it to various devices and sharing it with others. No matter what device you are using, all your files are at your fingertips.

However there is a drawback to it – if you delete or make changes in an iCloud document, it will be deleted or changed across all connected devices. And there is no way to undo it.

Unless you have the Unclouder app. It allows you to backup your iCloud Drive locally, i.e. no matter what happens to your iCloud data, the app makes sure you still have it on your hard drive.

p6 (1)

Lets get a look on the main features of Unclouder:

  • Backup Data – your backup content is accessible to you any time;
  • Backup Info – each backup has a detailed description;
  • Restore Data – your data will be back in iCloud in a single click.

Whether you want to protect your iCloud documents from loss or damage or need to retrieve the previous versions of the documents you are working on – Unclouder is a reliable application that will make your life much easier.

Learn more about Unclouder

Download now!

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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