Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux released!

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31 Mar 2010, 15:36

SEC for Linux

Hey, Linux users, this post is for you! Though Eltima is well known as a developer of Windows and Mac software, we just released our first software for Linux. As the title says, this is Serial to Ethernet Connector, the analogue of the product that is already familiar to Windows OS users and developers.

Serial to Ethernet Connector (also referred to as SEC) is a professional solution, which allows sharing over Internet or LAN any number of serial ports (real or virtual) on your computer. Multiple computers (clients) can connect to your computer (server) and communicate with shared devices as if those devices were connected directly to client computers. And with Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux you can choose whether Linux or Windows OS will be a client or a server.

With Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux you can share an unlimited number of serial ports simultaneously for remote connections over TCP/IP network, choose data transmission protocol, which will be used for connection, manage real serial port signal lines’ states in connections and dynamically change connection parameters without reopening or re-creating it.

Among the additional features are the following ones: possibility to customize advanced connection settings, set pauses after which all received data is sent to the remote end when using UDP or TCP as underlay protocol, set period of time after which TCP client will try to restore connection if connection was dropped and lots more.

Please, note that Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux is a command-line product at the moment.

And what about demo limitations, Eltima offers you 14-day fully functional trial version for evaluation purposes.

             Download SEC for Windows      Download SEC for Linux

                                            Read more about SEC

So, if you need to share any serial port device over network (LAN or Internet) among Linux or Windows computers, be sure, Serial to Ethernet Connector will do the job for you!

And as usual, your comments and ideas about SEC for Linux are more than welcome!


    I downloaded the linux version and I need help on how to install the software. Can anyone help

  • Alex Taylor

    @ MAURICE –
    Our Support Team will contact you and assist with this.

  • richlee

    Can Ethernet Connector linux run on ARM based linux OS?

  • Alex Taylor

    @ richlee –

    No, Serial to Ethernet Connector is not compatible with ARM based Linux OS. I will forward your question to our Developers and they will investigate an opportunity of working on this ype of Linus OS. Thanks!

  • eric-arm

    I would like to know to procedure to install the linux version on a Ubuntu 10.04 machine

  • Alex Taylor

    @ eric-arm –

    Eric, for a comprehensive description of Serial to Ethernet Connector for Linux installation procedure, please refer to the corresponding section of our online User Guide for this product: