Long awaited release of Virtual Serial Port Driver 7

VSPD is Windows 7 compatible

Virtual Serial Port Driver is one of those products Eltima started from in 2001! And now our team is glad to inform you that Virtual Serial Port Driver 7 is finally here!

For those, who are not familiar with Virtual Serial Port Driver – this utility creates virtual serial ports and connects them in pairs via virtual null-modem cable. For example, Virtual Serial Port Driver can be in use if you want to test or debug different applications that use null-modem cable, or to test or debug different serial port device emulators such as modems, fax, GPS etc. You can find detailed usage scenarios here.

The most significant improvement is that Virtual Serial Port Driver now fully supports Windows 7! The user interface has also been refreshed. Feel free to upgrade and try the new version on your Windows 7 computer! BTW, application restart is no longer required after entering registration info, so nothing will distract you from learning new Virtual Serial Port Driver options.

Once you’ve installed it and started creating pairs, pinout scheme will visually show you how signal lines are connected, thus making process of pinout customization more convenient.

Moreover, updated Virtual Serial Port Driver can easily detect what application virtual serial port was created with.

Please, note also, that Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 support is available only in OEM version now.

So, feel free to upgrade and let us know what you think about new options!

Waiting to hear from you!

                     Download VSPD 7            Read more about VSPD 7

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